Peace Center

Drawing Peace together – Israelis & Palestinians at our current center
Ehvam’s vision is to promote long-lasting harmony and peace in the conflict-torn Middle East region, thereby also contributing significantly to World Peace.

We believe from the depth of our hearts that the creation of significant change in the world begins with inner transformation in the hearts and minds of individuals. And therefore, as students of Ehvam, we strive to purify and transform our minds and generate deep change within, through practices that develop our wisdom and compassion.

We believe that such a transformation will, in turn, facilitate the emergence of wise and compassionate spiritual leaders, capable of transforming the reality around them and bringing forth harmony, love, mutual respect and peace in the hearts of individuals, communities and nations in which they live.

Ehvam will serve as a hub of activities, with scores of satellites throughout Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and our entire conflict-ridden region.

Ehvam is also envisioned as a focal point for a variety of cross-border projects and inter-faith and international meetings. Its facilities will include a conference center to host peace and dialogue events, bringing together the hearts and minds of Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and other nationals.

Events will be planned and directed by practitioners and students of Ehvam, alongside prominent peace leaders in our region.

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