One Heart

Project One Heart seeks to promote directly Lama Dvora’s vision for peace. It creates harmonious cooperation among people of different ethnic backgrounds and followers of different spiritual traditions, through:

  • Bringing together Israeli Jews with Arab Muslims and Christians from Israel and from the West Bank to joint sessions,where people get to meet each other on the basis of mutual respect, understanding and celebration;
  • Hosting spiritual leaders of various traditions and peace activists in the Arava Spiritual Center;
  • Assisting other organizations which promote peace,
  • Donating money to these organizations, and
  • Teaching the Arabic language to our students, to facilitate communication with our neighbors.
  • Conducting coexistence and peace conferences: In November 2018 we held in our center a peace conference, which brought together Palestinian and Israeli spiritual and community leaders, in an effort to strengthen ties and cooperation. A second conference will take place on the same site in February 2020.
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