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Ehvam will offer a multi-year Eastern studies program, Yoga and meditation courses and workshops, led by world-class instructors and international guest teachers.

Senior students of Lama Dvora currently conduct scores of Buddhist studies groups all over Israel, and have started to offer such courses in Eastern Europe. Other senior students are working to translate all the study materials (currently available in English and in Hebrew) to Arabic and to Russian, with the aim of reaching much wider audiences.

These programs will be significantly expanded after the end of the long retreat, when some of the retreatants will remain as full-time teachers at Ehvam, while most others, bolstered by their strong commitment and the deep insights they will have developed, will return to their communities as senior teachers – spiritual leaders and change agents.

Thus they, together with world-class teachers who will be invited lecturers at Ehvam, will serve as national and international “spokes”, with the Ehvam campus as the hub – the center of Dharma studies and Spiritual development and growth in Israel, which will attract students and practitioners from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, other Arab countries, and around the world.

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