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Palestinian Guests at MOAR

Arava Spiritual Center (MOAR) was inaugurated in November 2014, as a temporary site for our spiritual center, after years of strenuous work by Lama Dvora-hla and the members of the group, on the leased grounds of “Moa Oasis”.

The structures serving the spiritual center, located in the heart of a beautiful oasis near Zofar in the Arava valley, were all built by the group members themselves, using ecological construction.
Over two hundred students, visitors and volunteers, attend the center to study, practice and acquire spiritual wisdom.

The Arava Spiritual Center was founded with the purpose of serving as a center of spiritual education and practice, open to students from Israel, the Middle East and other countries around the world, thus creating a bridge for peace in our area and the whole world. The center is a source of inspiration and growth to the whole area, and it attracts teachers from a variety of traditions, as well as inspirational teachers, people of wisdom, peace and vision – thus accelerating the creation of sustainable peace in our area.

The studies in the center aim at cultivating a worldview based on wisdom and a compassionate attitude towards the other, following the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and the ancient Yoga traditions. Our purpose is to provide students with the knowledge to help them develop transcendent spiritual abilities and qualities, which will enable them to generate deep transformation in their lives and surroundings.

The curriculum consists of open teachings as well as advanced studies intended for students who have completed the open ACI program through Buddhist Classics Studies and Practice.

The advanced teachings, as well as many of the other teachings, are given by Lama Dvora-hla personally.

The on-site studies in the center are divided into three five-week terms a year. During the terms the center is open to students, guests and visitors. The guests are welcomed to take part in a unique experience of study and practice in the desert, weekends of teachings, yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, working together, and more.

Between terms, students practice and continue to work on their studies. Most of them also teach Dharma courses to study groups across the country, and even abroad.

Maintenance of the center is performed by the students who stay at the center, on a voluntary basis. This includes the operation of the kitchen, which provides healthy vegetarian meals to all the students, teachers, and guests.



To establish the permanent physical base of Ehvam, the Association will purchase partnership rights in an existing desert resort, and build a separate section for the sole use of Ehvam, including 24 residential units and additional structures, for the use of retreatants, students, and participants in Ehvam peace activities. In addition, the currently existing structures on the site will also be fully available for the peace activities, and will be rented, whenever needed, for other Ehvam activities.




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