Monastery & Nunnery

Ehvam’s campus will include a Buddhist monastery and nunnery – the only institution of its kind in the Middle East. It will include a Buddhist temple and permanent residences for up to 20 monks and nuns, who will live there on a full-time basis, and manage the spiritual activities of Ehvam International Spiritual Center for Peace.

The monastic community represents the heart of our spiritual path, both in the moral aspect of keeping the vows at their deep level, and in terms of providing service, releasing hold of worldly life, dedicating their lives to deepening the practice for all of us and devotion to the path, to the sangha and to the Lama. They also represent the path of the Buddha, who said that after he will leave his body, the monastic robe would represent him in the world. The monastic community is referred to in Buddhist literature as “the noble community” or “the virtuous community”.

Beyond practicing their own spiritual path, duties of these monks and nuns will include directing and staffing many of the teaching and administrative positions and activities at the Dharma school, the peace center and the retreat center.

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