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The organization was founded in 2007, with the purpose of promoting peace and education through the classic Asian teachings (from India, Tibet and more).

In addition, the organization teaches the implementation of this ancient wisdom in our lives today: in business management, community life, education, relationships, family life, and all other aspects of our lives. Our various activities and the teachings given around the country are open to all, and most are offered free of charge (donations are gratefully accepted).

The mission of the organization is to provide whoever is interested with knowledge and methods rooted in authentic ancient traditions, to help them practice a spiritual path of wisdom and love, to help transform their minds and thus to become a source of happiness to themselves and to their surroundings.

Shita Vechochma Association (that’s our name in Hebrew) is a non-profit organization, and annually donates a share of its income to other organizations that aim to promote spiritual studies and peace. All officers in the organization work as volunteers.

The organization’s activity is based on the vision of our beloved teacher, Lama Dvora-hla, and relies on her devoted guidance and counselling to numerous projects which relate to this vision of the organization.

We believe that creating a significant change in the world begins with an inner change, within the heart and mind of the individual, and we strive to promote this type of change. We invite you to join our various projects. We welcome volunteers, as well as any other type of contribution – financial or other.

The values on which the organization bases its internal and external activities, are as follows:
Morality – conscious conduct aimed at refraining from all possible offense against the other – in mind, speech and action.
Compassion – a conscious conduct accompanied by initiated actions aiming to ease and prevent pain and suffering.
Love – a state of unconditional loving kindness wishing to bestow ultimate happiness on all beings.
Equanimity – a desire to benefit all beings, human and animals, equally regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious, nationally, etc.
Wisdom and Worldview – based on traditions which have withstood the tests of time and which have been passed on through the generations, in writing and orally, by qualified teachers who have reached highest spiritual realizations.
Empowerment, happiness and joy – a conscious action, propelled by love, which aims at empowering ourselves and others, and reaching highest levels of happiness and joy.
Service – coming from an altruistic motivation of the desire to benefit the other, with no discrimination among people.
Tolerance – towards all spiritual or religious practices, which are based on the above values.
Harmony, support and cooperation – with various traditions and groups who are also interested in promoting peace in our area.

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