Our Vision

Ehvam is envisioned as a regional and international advanced spiritual center for peace. It is planned to take form in a desert oasis, near the ancient city of Moa in the Arava valley, on the path of the historic Incense Route. Its location is close to the Jordanian Border, at the heart of one of the most disruptive conflict zones in the world – the Middle East.
At Ehvam, students from the region and from around the world, will study and practice the principles of morality, compassion, generosity, wisdom, and the science of inner transformation, all based on authentic wisdom traditions of the world.
The center will welcome and promote dialogue and bridge-building between various social segments in the region, to reduce suffering and increase harmony and peace.
At Ehvam, students will strive to purify and transform their hearts and minds to generate deep inner change. Our guiding belief is that such a change will enable them to become spiritual leaders and agents of change, capable of transforming the reality around them and create harmony, coexistence, and peace.

Building Blocks of Ehvam

  • Ehvam will provide facilities that support the practice and study of authentic wisdom teachings, and
    will support serious practitioners who are devoted to the practice of such teachings.
  • Ehvam will facilitate the transmission and preservation of such traditions, in Hebrew and in other
    languages of our region.
  • Ehvam will train and encourage its students to engage in activities that benefit individuals and
    disadvantaged groups in their respective communities.
  • Ehvam will organize and facilitate activities that promote peace, dialogue and collaboration to
    reduce and overcome strife and conflict in our region.
  • Ehvam will strive to build an international support circle, comprising great teachers and students of
    authentic spiritual traditions, with the aim of promoting peace and harmony.
  • Ehvam will also seek inspiration from leading spiritual centers and teachers from around the world.
  • Ehvam will use sustainable, ecological construction, utilizing the natural resources of the Arava
    valley, the strength and input of its community, and the support of donors from around the world
    who are committed to enlightenment and peace.
Future Plans for Ehvam include:


The Purchase of partnership rights in the site that we are currently renting; construction of a new part to be used solely by Ehvam; and operation of a permanent desert-based center for the advancement of peace and harmony in the region, spiritual growth, retreats and meditation, including:

  • A multi-year spiritual studies program
  • Yoga and Meditation courses and workshops
  • Courses and workshops taught by local and international guest teachers
  • Facilities for long and short retreats
  • International peace meetings and conferences
  • Joint workshops, teachings and social activities for Israeli Jews and Arabs, Palestinians, and international participants
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